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Vidyaranya Success Stories



Kavitha embraced and celebrated her son's speech disorder, becoming his voice to the world. To Akash, she was his everything. However, life dealt a cruel hand as he lost his mother at a tender age, leaving him emotionally shattered. Adding to his anguish, he endured abuse from his stepmother.


As the years went by, Akash withdrew completely, both physically and emotionally. Just when hope seemed like a distant illusion, a glimmer of faith appeared in his life through Spoorthy Residential Special School for specially-abled children. Today, he resides among like-minded peers, supported by compassionate caregivers, and is actively engaged in education.


Akash now spreads his infectious positivity through drawing and singing, touching the lives of millions of students like him.

Lakshmi Parimalakkanavar

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." Lakshmi's mother had to confront life's harsh realities far too early.


Despite being aware of her husband's history of violence, Lakshmi's mother chose to marry him. After giving birth to three children, he was convicted for murder, leaving the mother and her children homeless. Desperate to protect her children and provide for their basic needs, Lakshmi's mother resorted to prostitution. However, her experiences as a sex worker made her realize that the environment was too dangerous for her daughters, and she yearned for them to have a better life than hers.


With the support of a local leader, she reached out to the Sneha Education and Development Society, who guided her to Namma Manne. Today, Lakshmi is living the life her mother had always hoped for her. With access to education and a secure environment, Lakshmi is growing into a resilient woman, following in the footsteps of her strong and courageous mother.


Mr. Ramaswamy

A loving father, who cherished his sons and witnessed their growth, diligently saved every penny to provide a better life and built a beautiful home for his family. Little did he anticipate that his sons would abandon him, leaving him homeless?


At the age of 63, Mr. Ramaswamy was admitted to an eldercare facility by his sister. Betrayed by his own children, mourning the loss of his beloved partner, and defeated by life's challenges, he found solace in his new home alongside others who shared similar life experiences.


Today, he sits among friends, sharing not only cherished memories but also his insights and perspectives on the world. Savoring his tea, he delves into the bittersweet memories of his life, finding comfort and connection in the midst of it all.

Rehabilitation home for disabled women

Shanthamma is a specially abled woman, having two daughters. She hails from Andhra Pradesh but doesn’t know anything about her family. Her daughters also stay with us. The management have admitted them in a reputed English medium school and the two

children are studying very well. Shanthamma undergoes counseling and is now much more stable. She is undergoing basic computer training.

She has a smile on her face that tells us she's very happy and content.

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Through this plantation drive we have mitigated 2,10,000 kilograms of Co2 to make possible the production of 11,80,000 kgs of Oxygen per year by planting 10,000 saplings in Bengaluru. We also iIncreased awareness and built ownership among the people on the importance of green cover. Last but not the least we intensified the groundwater through a comprehensive plantation methodology thereby increasing soil moisture to support natural vegetation.



We conduct regular medical camps for our beneficiaries. The locals are allowed to come take part too as our end goal is to cater to anyone who needs help. In the last camp that was conducted, we catered to 500 people who got free check ups done. ECG, echo, pulmonary tests, blood tests, vitamin tests, dental care, eye screening, etc were conducted.

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