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Skill Development & Livelihood

Our organization has been providing support to a group of 50 children who come from diverse backgrounds, including orphans, street children, begging children, single parent children, children of addicted parents, and those residing in slums. 


What we do

Our primary objective is to empower the women in our care through various initiatives, and a key aspect of this is providing skill development training. Furthermore, we actively engage with the local community to identify and assess the needs of women in the neighboring areas. 

Target Group

Our organization is committed to empowering our inmates through women-centric initiatives such as rehibilate homes for traffic victims, women in distress and disabled women. We strongly believe in equipping these women with skill development training to enhance their capabilities and future prospects. In addition to our internal efforts, we actively engage with the local community and those who are identified as being in need are welcomed into our program.



Our organization is dedicated to supporting women in need by providing them with vocational training, aiming to enhance their capabilities and skills. This program specifically helps disabled women from all walks of life as they are given opportunities to work taking into consideration their disability.

Past Impact

Since 2008, our program has successfully empowered and rehabilitated 60% of the 1,200 women who have participated. These beneficiaries have found opportunities across various industries, including textile, clothing, manufacturing; ITES, hospitality, and we have provided support in establishing tailoring units for several women.

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