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What we do?

Due to the emerging issues of global warming, increasing pollution, and extinction of biodiversity, it is of utmost importance for us to actively participate in restoring the environment and healing our Planet.

Vidyaranya is an active participant in working towards the environment and has undertaken a number of projects to encourage awareness and take action to protect the Nature.

Future Initiatives

WaterSHED Management

  • Lake Rejuvenation

  • River Rejuvenation

  • Step wells (Kalyani)

  • Recharge Pits

  • Check Dams

  • Bould

  • Contour Bunds



  • Normal PlantationTraditional & Miyawaki

  • High Density Plantation

  • Butterfly Garden

  • Herbal Garden

  • Theme Parks (sacred Gardens)

  • Mini Forest


​Waste management

  • Segregation

  • Recycling

  • High-volume and Loweffect


Upcycled fashion

Skill Developed training in:

  • making products from textile waste material:
    - Scrunchies
    - Door Mat making
    - Jute bag making

  • Areca Leaf plate making


Grammena UTSAVA

An initiative by Vidyaranya to create awareness on rural lifestyle in an eco friendly manner It.commemorates different cultures and traditions, wherein different dance forms, artefacts, costumes, sports etc. of various States of India are put on display.



  • We aim to bring in more practices and make this world a healthier place to live in.

  • To create awareness and spread the message of saving our planet.

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