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Awareness serves as the foundation for initiating meaningful actions, and Vidyaranya is dedicated to fostering awareness and generating impactful responses at the grassroots level. To achieve this, we conduct various awareness sessions designed to sensitize and enhance the knowledge on important subjects for children, women, and senior citizens. 

Vidyaranya actively supports activities that embody community-based, innovative, gender-sensitive, and sustainable approaches. Here are some of the activities we undertake


Awareness Programme

Every action starts from awareness and Vidyaranya works to increase the magnitude of response at the grass root level. Various awareness sessions are conducted at our projects for children, women and senior citizens to sensitize them and enhance their knowledge on the subject. Sessions on Good touch-bad touch, financial literacy, legal awareness, personal safety, gender equality, health and hygiene, mental health, etc. are conducted. We also reach out to local community to bring their attention to the existing perils in the society and reach out to Government schools to talk on the subject. Bal & Balika Sanghas are formed whose main objective is to keep pushing the message. Posters are distributed in colleges and street plays are conducted.


Refurbishment of Public Health Care Units (PHCs)

We reach out to various PHCs in the rural and semi urban areas and perform a need assessment. These requirements are noted and we try to source them in order to bridge the gap. The main focus here is to strengthen the PHCs by providing them with scarce resources and ensuring an infrastructurally sound medical facility to the public.


Refurbishment of Government Schools

A need assessment is done for the Government schools and we try to source the requirements. This helps in maintaining the basic amenities in these schools, thereby providing a good infrastructure and educational environment to the kids.


Night shelter for Urban Homeless

We have been executing an urban homeless program in Mahadevapura Zone, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palikhe jurisdiction, wherein shelter is provided to urban homeless at night.

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