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Corporate Patnership

Why Partner with Vidyaranya

  • We offer flexible options to create customized proposals, enhancing your brand and engaging your employees. 

  • With quick turnaround times, we are fully compliant with CSR Act norms. 

  • Our financial transparency is evident through accessible Annual Reports and Audit Reports on our website. 

  • Rigorous project management and monitoring ensure efficient fund utilization. 

  • Regular assessments by professionals’ measure progress and engagements with beneficiaries and community groups help gauge success.

Adopt a Project

Vidyaranya bridges the gap between you and your chosen project. We monitor and provide vital inputs for the project. When you adopt a project, you can support it fully or partially, focusing on areas like education, health & hygiene, children, children with special needs, women empowerment, or senior citizen care. Our work covers various issues, giving you the flexibility to prioritize what matters to you.

Cause-related Marketing

Partner with Vidyaranya to boost your brand through a social cause. We offer various partnership opportunities tailored to your brand, and we can provide a comprehensive proposal outlining the logistics and alignment with your brand values. 

Payroll Giving

Engage your employees through our Payroll Giving Program. It offers a convenient way for them to contribute a portion of their salary towards a social cause. This automatic process saves time and fosters a sense of connection to the organization's CSR initiative. To further motivate employees, the organization can consider offering a matching grant. 

Other Ways to Partner

Explore various partnership opportunities with Vidyaranya. You can sponsor events, cover specific expenses, or even collaborate on a customized partnership option. Our dedicated teams are available to discuss these options at your convenience. 

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