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Education & Child Care

Vidyaranya extends its reach to children and children with special needs coming from vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds.


What we do?

At Vidyaranya, our mission is to assist children and children with special needs from vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds. We offer them essential provisions such as food, clothing, and shelter, and ensure they receive medical and psychological support. Additionally, we prioritize their education by enrolling them in mainstream schools or providing bridge education. For special children, we operate a residential school where they receive specialized education from trained educators. 


To improve the lives of these children by addressing their fundamental needs and ensuring a life of quality includes supporting their necessities and promoting their overall health through regular medical check-ups and psychological assistance

To ensure the betterment of the overall health of these children by providing them with regular medical check-ups and psychological assistance.

We are committed to empowering them through access to quality education by enrolling them in government or English medium schools. Additionally, we provide bridge education and specialized instruction to cater to their unique requirements. 

How do we educate?

Vidyaranya strives to empower children by equipping them with quality education, thereby securing them a future they truly deserve.


Bridge Education

Since many of the newly admitted children in our projects have limited or no educational background, we offer them Bridge education to bridge the educational gap before they transition into mainstream schools. This preparatory program aids their smooth adaptation to the school environment and enhances their academic performance.


Admission to Mainstream Schools

After completing the Bridge education program, the children are enrolled in government and English medium schools.


Special Education

Children with special needs require specialized attention and individualized educational plans. Recognizing this, Vidyaranya offers Special Education to mentally challenged children. This program focuses on enhancing their cognitive skills, including improving eye-hand coordination. By adopting systematic teaching techniques, we ensure that these children receive the tailored support they need to thrive academically.


Remedial coaching

In addition to our educational initiatives, we also provide remedial coaching to offer additional assistance to these children. We organize various life skills sessions, cultural activities, and sports, activities that contribute to their overall growth and well-being.

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