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Senior Care

Since 2002, our organization has been operating two old age homes, extending support to senior citizens who are in need.


What we do?

Since 2002, our organization has been operating two old-age homes, diligently serving senior citizens in need. Our primary focus is to cater to their essential needs, including food, clothing, and shelter. Moreover, we ensure that they receive necessary medical care and psychological support. In addition to meeting their basic requirements, we offer skill development programs and engaging recreational activities, aiming to create productive and fulfilling experiences for them.

Target Group

We extend our services to senior citizens, 60 years of age or older, who find themselves in challenging circumstances, such as those who are without family support, abandoned by their children, widowed, unmarried, or have experienced ill-treatment at home. 



Meeting the daily needs of senior citizens, ensuring they have a homely, comfortable, and peaceful atmosphere 


Prioritize their health and well-being by arranging regular health checkups and offering psychological assistance to promote their overall betterment


Create a nurturing environment for the residents by providing skill development training and introducing various recreational activities

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