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At our projects, we prioritize the well-being of our inmates by ensuring they receive regular medical check-ups and healthcare assistance. To facilitate this, we have established collaborations with local hospitals, allowing our inmates to receive the necessary medical attention. A dedicated team of doctors and nurses is employed to provide the required healthcare services, conducting monthly visits or as needed.


What we do?

Vidyaranya extends its health initiatives to both its inmates and the larger community, effectively operating at two distinct levels:

Two levels Health Checkup


In-house- At project level

Regular Medical Check-ups: The inmates at our projects for children, women and senior citizens are provided with regular medical check-ups and health assistance by a recruited team of doctors and nurses. We have tied-up with local hospitals, and monthly visits are done or as the situation arises. Need-based surgeries are also facilitated. Progress is closely monitored.

Psychological Assistance: The inmates come from vulnerable backgrounds and hence require extensive mental health assistance. Regular Psychiatric visits and Psychotherapies are provided to heal them from their trauma and guide them towards a happier life. Progress is closely monitored.


At Community Level

Mobile Health Clinics (MHCs) have been established to make healthcare accessible, affordable and efficient for the people in rural parts of Karnataka, who have no access to PHCs. An MHC is a mini-hospital/health clinic on wheels equipped with oxygen cylinders, lifelines, stretcher, essential drugs, etc. This will also help us in creating awareness in society through innovative community mobilization and sensitization strategies.

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