Swadhar is an institute that targets the well-being of widows, sexual victims, survivors of natural calamities, and exploited women, who are disowned and uncared by their families and relatives. This institute of Vidyaranya shelters women under Swadhar Gresh Scheme sponsored by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of both the central government and the state government of Karnataka, and currently runs 2 rehabilitation centres:

  • Sanjeevini Rehabilitation Centre for Women at  Mandur, Bangalore Urban
  • Sarojini Rehabilitation Centre for Women at Channarayapattana, Hassan District

This enterprise has impacted over 980 women since its inception, and continues to fulfil the objective of empowering oppressed women by providing basic amenities and self-sustaining skill development training.

Ujjwala and Swadhar are formed with the intentions to:

  • Provide shelter, food and medical facilities for victims of various degrees.
  • Pursue them to develop vocational skills and entrepreneurial mind-set.
  • Counsel them to establish a positive self-image, facilitate reintegration, and help them reunite with their families
  • Conduct campaigns and spread awareness about various social evils women are subjected to, and
  • Conduct timely follow-ups with all our beneficiaries to ensure their progress and safety.


129, Lalitha Bhavan, Mandur, Virgonagar (Via), Bangalore East, Bangalore-560049.

Channarayapattana, Hassan District.