Support to Children impacted by COVID-19

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Support to Children impacted by COVID-19

Problem Statement:

The current times of pandemic have affected the entire world and brought lives to a standstill. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to loom over us, The Government of India has taken a strict combat measure by directing a lockdown of the entire nation.

The second wave of the pandemic is devastating with thousands falling sick and many dying. With 3.57 million active cases of COVID-19, India recorded more than 400,000 new infections over the last 24 hours – the highest daily tally reported globally – while deaths rose by a record 3,980.

This has a direct impact on children’s well-being, many of whom have lost their parents and are extremely vulnerable, living in fear and distress.


The impacted children who have lost their parents should be reached out to by the rescue workers and reported to the Child Welfare Committees. They should be put on for adoption or set to the Child Care centres.

Vidyaranya aims to reach out to the impacted children who have lost their parents and admit them at our shelters for kids. The children will be provided with basic amenities of food, clothing and shelter. We recognise the importance of education in shaping a child’s future and personality, and hence these children will be admitted to schools.

Our response is helping children affected by COVID-19 through:

  • education
  • child protection
  • food security
  • livelihood support


Providing protection, shelter and uninterrupted education to the children impacted by COVID-19.

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