Kavitha accepted and celebrated her son’s speech disorder, she had become his voice to the world, and for him, and she was his life. The cruelty of life wasn’t any different for Akash, Kavitha passed away at a very young age leaving Akash emotional broken, adding to the misery of loss, he was also subjected to abuse by his step mother.

As years passed by, Akash had completely closed up both physically and emotionally. When hope looked like an illusion, a ray of faith sprung over him through Spoorthy Mentally Challenged Children Residential School. Today, he lives with like-minded children, supported by care takers, and engaged in education.

Akash is spreading his infectious positivity with drawing and singing to million others students like him.

Lakshmi Parimalakkanavar

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have, Lakshmi’s mother had to face the realities of life a bit too early.

Even after being aware for her husband killing his first wife, Lakshmi’s mother went ahead with her decision to marry him. After birthing 3 children, he was convicted for murder, pushing the mom and her 3 children to the streets. In desperation to protect her children and provide basic amenities, Lakshmi’s mom was led and strapped to prostitution. Her life as a sex worker, made her realize that the environment she was living in, was far too dangerous for her daughters and she wished them to have a far better life from hers.

With the help of a local leader, she contacted Sneha Education and Development Society, who led her to Namma Manne. Today, Lakshmi lives a life her mother had hoped for her. With access to education, and secure environment, Lakshmi is growing into a strong women just like her mother.

Mr. Ramaswamy

A father who adored his sons and watched them grow up, saved every penny to provide a life better than what he had, and built a beautiful home for his family. Little did he know that he would be abandoned by the same sons and become homeless.

At the age of 63, Mr. Ramaswamy, was admitted to an age old home by his sister. Forsaken by the sons, having suffered the loss of his one true love, and being defeated by life, he has found his new home among many others, who have lived his life, and today they are his true companions.

Today, he sits among his friends, and shares not only his beloved memories, but also his experiences and opinions about the happenings in the world. Sipping his tea, he dives into the bittersweet memories of his life, every day. 


Having been subjected to cruelty by her own step mother in Bengaluru, Usha, a 11 year old girl, was forced to run away from home. When she summed up the courage, and did run away, she was picked up by human traffickers and was sent off to Mumbai.

Being a child, who had not completely matured, was injected with hormones to age the body, and was decked up with cosmetics to appeal to grown men who raped her not less than 10 times a day.

Vidyaranya rescued Usha from the clutches of prostitution and provided her with immediate medical care and sheltered her through Ujjwala, and with counselling sessions for several months, helped Usha return to a normal life. Today, she attends school with aspirations to become a singer one day.

Vidyaranya, has been an instrument of transformation. We work on stages of prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of victims of prostitution to significantly impact women across the country and be responsible for an extensive paradigm shift in their lives.