These shelters are not meant to provide permanent residential facilities for the children, however they will complement the existing institutional care services. The primary motive is to provide them with education and create a family unit for those without families and reunite those with families.

In collaboration with The Ministry of Women and Child Development under ICPS scheme, Vidyaranya has formed 2 open shelters in K.R Puram and Ramanagar. These shelters, along with providing basic amenities, aim at securing the well-being of the rescued children and help them renovate their lives.

The main intention of the open shelters are to:


  • Liberate the children from their existing destructive lifestyle and create a safe environment with sustainable interventions
  • Mentor these children in order to prevent high risk and socially deviant behaviours
  • Provide opportunities for education and nurture their potential and talent;
  • Reintegrate these children into their families, alternative care and community
  • Conduct regular follow ups to ensure that these children do not return to their previous lifestyles


# 129, Lalitha Bhavan, Mandur, Virgonagar (Via), Bangalore East, Bangalore-560049.

# 26 Kempegowda circle, Jalamangala Road, Ramanagara Town, Ramanagar.