Children Programmes:

NAMMA MANE (‘Our Home’)

Namma Mane aims at empowering children and enabling them with access to safety, education, nutrition, and health care to ensure overall well-being.


  • Providing comprehensive care & support through charitable open homes and functional schools to protect their rights.
  • Partnering and sensitizing several government entities to widen our capability of reach and evoking a sense of accountability towards the social cause. 
  • Enabling children to actively participate in their development to make them responsible for their lives.
  • Ensuring interaction, collaboration, and cooperation among children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to promote camaraderie.
  • Rejuvenating mental and physical health of victimized children to help them restore their lives.


In collaboration with The Ministry of Women and Child Development under ICPS scheme, Vidyaranya has formed 2 open shelters in K.R Puram and Ramanagar. These shelters, along with providing basic amenities, aim at securing the well-being of the rescued children and help them renovate their lives.

These shelters are not meant to provide permanent residential facilities for the children, however they will complement the existing institutional care services. The primary motive is to provide them with education and create a family unit for those without families and reunite those with families.


The main intention of the open shelters are to:

  • Liberate the children from their existing destructive lifestyle and create a safe environment with sustainable interventions
  • Mentor these children in order to prevent high risk and socially deviant behaviours
  • Provide opportunities for education and nurture their potential and talent;
  • Reintegrate these children into their families, alternative care and community
  • Conduct regular follow ups to ensure that these children do not return to their previous lifestyles

Children with Special Needs Programmes:

Vidyaranya’s programmes for Children with Special Needs act as a source of inspiration and a channel for providing security, education, nutrition, and health care. With the help of different groups of specialists and stakeholders, we create and compile initiatives to ensure quality of services.
Currently, we are successfully running two initiatives:

  • Spruthi Residential School for Mentally Challenged Children, started in 2002, and
  • Avakasha Residential School for Mentally Challenged Children, started in 2013

Through these schools, we have effectively impacted 840 beneficiaries. We focus on the overall growth and development of children, and provide:
• Education and training with the support of special educators and 24/7 care takers
• Basic amenities of food, clothing, and shelter
• Counselling to help them meet social and emotional milestones
• Medical assistance to address various health and healing needs
Vidyaranya advocates and promotes the need for the best possible care and support for children with special needs to ensure they stay and participate equally in the society. We aim to:
• Train children on mundane processes and life skills for everyday sustenance.
• Provide education for intellectual and development learning and participation.
• Provide shelter, food, and medical facilities and connect them to specialized services.
• Provide vocational trainings on IQ to stimulate inclusive in the society.