Our organization has also carrying out a programme called “Ujjawala”. It is supported by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, New Delhi. This programme being implementing in Bangalore Urban District and has been focusing on five components such as Prevention, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Repatriation. The details as follows;

Formation and functioning of Balika (adolescent girls)/Balala (adolescent children) Sanghas

Our organization has promoted 75 Balika and 75 Balaka Sanghas in various government, aided and unaided Schools, Bangalore. Regular meetings are being carried out for the Sanghas. These groups are made to understand the seriousness of the trafficking and work as a catalyst in the schools and also in their living areas.

Sensitization Workshops/Seminars

Many sensitization workshops and seminars on prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and repatriation are being carried in various places Bangalore Urban district.

Awareness generation through street plays

This organization has been carried out street plays, Kalajathas, role plays etc in its operation areas of Bangalore East Taluk to create awareness on trafficking of women and children. It has made very good impact in general public and supporting the endeavours of this organization in curbing the trafficking.

Development and printing of awareness generation material such as leaflets and posters

This organization has printed 10000 handouts on prevention of trafficking in Kannada language and distributed to the people.


The organization has established Protective and Rehabilitation centre at Bangalore and equipped with personnels to take care of the inmates. It has 10 rooms and toilets and other facilities like water, electricity etc

Basic amenities

The basic amenities like food, shelter and clothes are being given to them.


The rescued women are providing with counselling services. The centre is equipped with the qualified psychologists and psychiatrist.

Medical care

The women are providing with medical care and women are tested for HIV/AIDS and other medical services for common cold, fever are treated in the centre. The centre is having a part time doctor for looking after these inmates

Help line service

The Centre is having a help line to contact for their services. It has been functioning round the clock.


Our organization has reintegrating the women and children with their families.