residential school for mentally challenged children in Bangalore

“Vidyaranya” has been executing a residential school for Mentally Challenged children in Bangalore called as “Spruthi Residential School for Mentally Challenged children” at Mandur, (Via) Virgonagar, Bangalore East, Bangalore-560049. It covers only mild and moderate Mentally Challenged children who are educable and trainable. Based on the doctor’s certificate of the IQ of the child, the children are admitted into this school.

It is recognized by the Department of Empowerment of Differently Abled and Welfare of the Senior Citizens, Bangalore, Government of Karnataka.


  1. To train the Mentally Challenged children on daily living skills
  2. To provide education for the Mentally Challenged children based on their IQ
  3. To provide shelter, food and medical facilities for the Mentally Challenged children
  4. To provide vocational trainings on IQ level of the children and also doctor’s certificate


The children who are 6 to 14 years are admitted in the school. The parents shall produce the doctor’s certificate for the admission. We have 75 M.R.Children in our school and are in pre-primary, primary and vocational trainings grades.


Our school is staffed with10 trained teachers and 5 Ayas and also one security. These personnels have done their special education to handle this kind of children. Besides that we also have part time doctor, part time psychologist and yoga teacher.


The children are admitted based on the doctor’s certificate and they are provided with hostel, education, training, food, medical aid and entertainments facilities. Our organization does not charge on the target children and it is totally free. The children are also provided uniform and M.R.kit to learn.

Besides that our organization has been carrying out parents’ meetings and periodical medical check ups for the children

Providing nutritious meals for mentally challenged children

Nutrition services are important in any health and welfare pro-gram which contributes to the prevention or amelioration, treatment, and rehabilitation of the mentally retarded. For normal growth and development, it is essential first to consider the usual nutritional needs of the child at his particular age, then to consider the modifica­tions required because of the specific illness or handicapping condition which may alter normal food needs and feeding practices.

Children Strength

We have been covering 75 Mentally Challenged children who are educable and trainable under this project.

Location: Mandur, Hassan , Yelahanka