We also carry out mobile health clinic with the support of Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Project (KHSDRP) in Siddlaghatta Taluk of Chikkaballapur District and has been covering 10 remote villages in this area.

Establishment of Mobile Health Clinics is one of the innovative schemes which will provide health coverage to people living in the unreached and underserved deep interior forest and remote villages.

Objectives of the Mobile Health Clinic

 (1)  To provide Primary, Preventive, Curative, Promotive and referral health services to the people in the designated area.

(2)  To co-ordinate with the District Public Health Systems to achieve improvement in the Millennium Development Goals such as IMR, MMR, Life expectancy etc.

(3)  Prevention and Control of communicable diseases.

(4)  To engage in providing essential quality Primary Health Care services to the people in the designated areas.


Area of Operation/Function


Our organization is focusing in 10 remote villages of Siddlaghatta Taluk of Chikkaballapur District. The villages covered are;

 1. Pendlivarahalli

2. Marihalli

3. Maddegarahalli

4. Marganaparthi

5. Tutkachanahalli

6. S.M.Kondarajanahalli

7. Bandahalli

8. Nallacheruvanahalli

9. Doddathekhalli

10. Chikkathekhalli


Weekly Schedule: The Mobile Health Unit will work on 6 days of the week as follows:

Monday, Tuesday    – Visit of villages as per pre-announced schedule.
Wednesday               – Headquarters day for Mobile Health Clinic.
Thursday, Friday      – Visit of villages
Saturday                    – Visit of villages
Sunday                      – Holiday

Structure of Mobile Health Clinic

 The complete unit is having the following:

Vehicle with a driver to reach the prescribed/identified areas. The vehicle is a High Body Tempo (13 seats) with fittings as follows:

a)    Five foldable seats for staff.

b)    Hooks for an intra-venous bottles.

c)    Brackets for Oxygen cylinder with adjustable straps.

d)    A detachable structure.

e)    Medicine cabinet.

f)     Instrument Cabinet.


The medical team has been consisting of a professional Doctor, 2 Nurses, 1 Pharmacist and 1 Attender –cum-Driver.

The Services provided

  1. Curative Services
  2. First Aid
  3. Referral Services
  4. Family Planning Services
  5. Antenatal and Postnatal care
  6. Immunizations
  7. Counselling on all matters, in particular HIV/AIDS
  8. Implementation of National Health Programs
  9. Health Education Activities and Environmental Sanitation

10. Designated Lab Tests or sample collection for sending to testing labs

11. Other health related services, as directed by the authorities.

12. The Organization is informed local publics regarding the timing and venue of the Mobile Health Clinic.

13. Feedback regarding any constraints or to modify the present system to the Project Authority (THO, DHO and DPMO) in writing with evidence.

14. Ensuring that health services provided comply with the standard quality of care and other agreed norms established by the SPMU/DOHFW.

15. Participate in special DOHFW activities such as National Immunization Days. Besides that we have to respond appropriately to epidemics, other health emergencies, and carry out other such activities that the DOHFW is responsible for.

16. Paying careful attention to the needs of patients and communities and ensuring that they are more involved and are satisfied with the health services that are provided.

Drugs Available in the Mobile Health Clinic

 The following drugs are always be available in the Mobile Health Clinic and will be dispensed as per requirement free of cost.

a)    All Essential Emergency drugs

b)    Antibiotics

c)    Analgesics

d)    Anti Helimenthics

e)    Anti fungal drugs

f)     Anti Hypertensive

g)    Anti diabetic

h)   Anti diarrheal

i)     Sedatives

j)      Anti snake venom

k)    Vitamins and other supportive drugs

l)     Eye drops

m)  Ointments

n)   Dressing materials

  • o)    Anti coagulants

p)    IV fluids

q)    Other drug as and when requires.


The Mobile Health Clinic has the equipments with ISI mark like:

  1. Stethoscope
  2. BP Operators
  3. Weighing Machine
  4. Thermometers
  5. Stretcher folding
  6. Oxygen Cylinder with accessories
  7. Sterilizer 38 cms
  8. Glues syringes with needles
  9. disposable syringes
  10. Cathedras of different size
  11. kidney trace
  12. sterilizer bin
  13. Dressing materials
  14. Cold chain equipments
  15. Artery forceps
  16. Needle Holders
  17. Needles
  18. Thread
  19. Cutting Scissor
  20. Dressing Scissor
  21. Dressing Bin
  22. BP Handle
  23. BP Blade
  24. Weighing Machines Adult and Baby
  25. Ambu bags
  26. Suction apparatus with accessories.



The Mobile Health Clinic should have the furniture like

a) Examination table

b) Chairs

c) Stools

d) Table

e) Furniture required for storage of drugs, equipments, chemicals etc.

f) Dressing table and Stool.

g) Waste collecting bins, as per Biomedical waste management specifications


Responsibilities and Duties of Mobile Health Clinic Staff


  1. He is the team manager. He shall be over all responsible for the effective functioning of the Mobile Health Clinic. The other staff of the Mobile Health Clinic would work under his supervision and effectively function in the Mobile Health Clinic.
  2. He shall be collectively responsible for the effective implementation of Preventive, Curative and Promotive Primary Health Care Services along with emergency First Aid care services (Accidents, Snake Bite, Poisoning and Delivery) to the people in the designated area.
  3. He shall referred needy patients to higher centres for treatment, keeping suitable records regarding the same with him, after issuing a clear descriptive referral slips.
  4. He shall take immediate appropriate actions during disease out breaks, epidemics etc. Also informing concerned MO, THO, DHO regarding the same and giving adequate assistance when asked for, and maintains record of the same.
  5. He shall work in coordination with the health staff of the department and also with the local authorities, ex. GP etc., to avert, control or eradicate any health emergencies.
  6. He shall monitors the National Programmes like:

Malaria: He makes arrangements for collection of Blood smears (slides) from all new fever cases and distributes anti malarial drug (Chloroquin) as per age, prescribed. He makes an arrangement to handover these slides every alternate day to the laboratory for examination. If any case found is positive for malaria he sends the information to the concerned PHC for radical treatment and follow up action.

Tuberculosis: Any fever case with more than 3 weeks of cough, he refers the patient for sputum examination to the nearest DMC and gets the report and takes follow up action. If patient found positive intimates the concerned PHC for appropriate treatment.

Immunization: Immunization is conducted in consultation and directions of MO/THO/DHO/RCHO, maintaining the cold chain.

Family Welfare Programmes: He councils and refers priority couples to the nearest hospital for permanent or temporary methods of Family Planning.

He shall be in good terms with village health and sanitation committee, elected representatives and local authorities. He treats, guides, mobilizes and councils the local people for better service delivery. He examines the ANCs and makes an arrangement for routine investigation if needed, he refers to higher institutions.

He shall insure good quality drugs are given along with compassion and humane approach.


 She assists the doctor, who is in charge for Mobile Health Clinic and she examines the ANCs who attend the clinic and counsel regarding the delivery and a moral support to the mothers.

She take ups the immunization in a village if mothers and children are not immunized against to the respective diseases and she/he keeps the record and reports.

She shall have a good support with local Anganawadi workers, ANMs, ASHA and local Mahila Swasahya Sangha for a better service.

She takes care of cold chain maintenance for vaccines.

She does a minimum investigation for an ANCs, HB percentage, Urine for      Albumin, Bile Salt/Pigment and Sugar and maintains the record.

Under supervision of doctor will render Preventive, Promotive and Curative Primary health care services.

In additional to the above, the second nurse shall be responsible for counselling, testing and follow up HIV patients.

 He shall collects the Blood smears from all new fever OPD cases and makes an arrangement for examination by sending with an appropriate format to the identified laboratory within two days.

He assists the doctor in procuring the drugs and equipments from a good reputed companies.

He refers the suspected patients of Tuberculosis to the nearest DMCs and      follow up the patient.

He is responsible to take appropriate action for Bio Medical wastage management with doctor in charge.

He shall maintain all adequate stock and issue registers with regular up dation.

 Group ‘D’

 He shall obey, oblige and carry out instructions from all the staff of Mobile Health Clinic and Departmental Staff. He shall behave in an acceptable cordial and obedient manner.