As developmental endeavours of our organization is to awareness creation rehabilitation programme of aged persons. We have been running a Old age home in Bangalore for the aged called “Gandhi” at Channarayapattana. There are 25 inmates benefiting from this programme. They have provided with food and accommodation without charging anything on them.

The inmates are from different parts of Karnataka. They are above 60 years. Some of them are little bit educated. 50% of the inmates are able to work physically.

Gandhi Old age home Bangalore


Gandhi Oldage Home Bangalore


Background information
a) On the elderly

  • Most of the inmates in the home are from the critical situations. They have joined in our old home through;
  • Advertisement in Vijaya Karnataka (Kannada daily news paper) by seeing our advertisement
  • Distribution of pamphlets in our operational areas and other places and also fastening the hand out in route buses, Field staff and Help line
  • Referred by other NGOs and old age home run by others on payment basis since ours is free old home.

b) On the area

The old age home is located Ward No.2, Chennigaraya Extension, Channarayapattana, Hassan District. It is 80 K.M. away from Bangalore. There are no projects in this area involved in rehabilitation of aged persons.

The problems of the inmates

  1. Some of the inmates are lost their wives and their children are interested to look after them
  2. Some of them are faced the ill-treatment of their daughter-in-laws and made them to leave their houses to join in the old home.
  3. There are two inmates in the home; they have not married at all. They were staying with their relatives before joining in the old home
  4. Some of them are not having sons and they do not like to stay with their sons-in-laws since they feel that they are the burden to them
  5. They made to leave their houses since they are not productive to their families
  6. Some inmates are totally not able to work physically as well as mentally since they are attained the old age.
  7. Some inmates are asked to leave the house by their own children

Staff for the project
There are 8 staff working in the centre. Their role and responsibilities are as follows;

  • He/She is total responsible for the programme
  • Monitoring and supervision of day to day affaires of the programme
  • Take care of the inmates in all aspects including medical care
  • Managing and maintain the home

Social Worker/Counselor

  • Responsible for counseling the inmates
  • Taking them to hospitals for any treatments
  • Visiting the field areas and conduct awareness on the problems of the elderly persons
  • Advocacy the Grama Panchayat members, local leaders on the senior citizens problems

Doctor (Part Time)

  • Responsible for health care of the inmates
  • Referring them to other hospitals if it is required

Nurse (Part Time)

  • Responsible for health care of the inmates
  • Assisting the doctor in his work


  • Responsible for cooking the foods in time
  • Keeping the kitchen and dining hall neat and clean
  • Take the instruction from the Warden/Superintendent for daily routine of menus and others


  1. Keep vigil on the home in the night time
  2. Take care of the inmates in his duty time